ISEMA Volume 13 (2019)

  • Hope is Not a Strategy: Navigating a Course to Deep Decarbonization in Canada (John McNally)
  • A Strong Foundation: Reducing GHGs Through Building Policy (Peter Whitred)
  • Flying into Turbulence: How Governments can Support Decarbonization Pathways in the Aviation Sector (John McNally)
  • Sending Mixed Signals: Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation, 5G Networks and the Precautionary Principle (Parisa Khosraviani)

ISEMA Volume 12 (2018)

  • A National Paradox: Canada’s Conflicting Reality Surrounding Increased Oil Sands Production and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions (Travis Dagg)
  • Power and Politics: A Multi-Level Perspective on Indigenous Participation in the Evolution of Ontario’s Electricity System (Joshua Russell)
  • Reimagining International Climate Change Policy: Lessons Learned from the Montreal Protocol (Gabrielle Morrison)
  • Uncharted Waters: Strengthening the role of Indigenous Knowledge in Decision-making under Canada’s Fisheries Act (Grace Martin)

ISEMA Volume 11 (2017)

  • From Green to Clean—to Toxic: The role of policy networks and problem definition in the modernization of a binational agreement to protect the world’s largest freshwater system (Grace Martin)
  • Authority, Legitimacy and Responsibility: Two Exceptional Redesign Processes in the National Energy Board from 2012-2017 (David Chan)
  • Mitigating Climate Change Through Technological Innovation: Examining the Role of Government in Promoting Clean Technology Investment in Canada (Jonathan Lippett)
  • Connecting Bottom-up and Top-Down Renewable Energy Transitions: The Role of Direct Action in International Policy Forums (Sasha Hanson Pastran)
  • Creating a New Climate: Understanding the Liberal Government’s Approach to Canadian Climate Policy (2015-2017) (Zak Jacques)

ISEMA Volume 10 (2015)

  • A “Just Transition” from Coal: Analyzing Sustainable Labour Transition Policies in Ontario’s Coal Phase Out (John Stwora)
  • Quebec Hydropower’s Competitiveness Under the Current Electricity Market Structure in New England (Vincent Dufresne)
  • Carbon Crowdfunding: An Analysis of Voluntary Carbon Offsets at Gasoline Stations as a Tool for Supporting Local Urban Sustainability Initiatives (Alex Bramm)
  • A Sociological Approach to Climate Change: Incorporating Social Dimensions into Climate Change Communication (Cathy Liu)
  • Managing Canada’s Boreal Forest: Balancing Conservation and Extractive Industry in a Changing Climate (Nathan Platte)
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ISEMA Volume 9 (2014) 

  • Rethinking Peaksaver: Direct Load Management in Ontario (Harris Berton)
  • Afforestation as a Form of Carbon Sequestration: Economic and Environmental Demands (Michael Birks)
  • Bigger is Better: Densification as a Climate Change Mitigation Tool (Nancy Cruz)
  • Tilting at Windmills: A Study of the Variance in Wind Power Capacity Across Canadian Jurisdictions (Peter Massie)
  • Narrowing the Infrastructure Gap: Green Bonds in Ontario (Meeka Tomasic)

ISEMA Volume 8 (2013)

  • Technological Change in the Livestock Sector: The Environmental and Ethical Dimensions of In Vitro Meat (Ryan Reiber)
  • The Nuclear Mirage: Why a Third Nuclear Renaissance is Not Taking Place (Mark Bolotenko)
  • Environmental Liability or Economic Necessity: Shifting Problem Definitions in the Alberta Oil Sands Debate (Darrell Harvey)
  • Deforestation and the Environmental Kuznets Curve (Warren Neill)
  • Managing Metrolinx: Addressing the Challenges on the Road Ahead (Natalie Dytyniak)
  • Taking Down the Fences: Understanding and Overcoming Obstacles to Urban Food Production in Canada, A Comparative Case Study (Darrell Harvey)

ISEMA Volume 7 (2012)

  • Learning from Experience: Lessons from a Quarter-century of Sustainable Development (Stephanie Coady)
  • Talk Risky to Me: Communication as a Policy Bridge Between Assessment and Perception of Toxic Risks (Gordon Baird & Leela Steiner)
  • The Curious Case of Bisphenol-A: A “Policy Windows” Analysis of Canada’s Bottle Ban (Ellen Creighton)
  • Mitigating Short Lived Climate Forcers in Canada: Black Spot or Golden Opportunity (Stephanie Coady)
  • The Technology, Politics and Policy of Enhanced Geothermal Electricity in Canada: Applying an Energy Systems Approach (Jesse Good)

ISEMA Volume 6 (2011)

  • Removing the Untold Billions: Barriers to Canadian Fossil Fuel Subsidies (Adrienne Yuen)
  • The Current and Future Challenges to the Ontario Green Energy Act: How Can Ontario ‘Keep FiT and Have Fun?’ (Elyse Lamontagne)
  • Warm Weather Suits: Litigation as a Catalyst for Advances in Climate Change (Leela Steiner)
  • Civil Society and Watershed Management: A Participatory and Inclusive Approach for Place-Based Governance (Monica Tang)
  • Strategy Derailed? The Strategic (Mis)Management of Public Transit in Toronto (Jed Chong)
  • Urban Agriculture and its Potential for Water Management: A Case Study in the City of Ottawa (Sumeet Tandon, Cheryl Johnson, and Adam Fry)
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ISEMA Volume 5 (2010)

  • Are Canadian Universities Taking Sustainability Seriously? A Case Study Analysis of Sustainability Initiatives at Three Canadian Campuses and the Lessons Decision-Makers can Learn from those Efforts (Daniel Rosenbloom)
  • Getting Ottawa on Track: An Analysis of Two Light Rail Transit Projects (Alex Carr)
  • Mandating Green: Why Canada is Lagging Behind Europe in the Widespread Application of Sustainable Building Technology (Tessa Jackson)
  • The Coyote Dilemma: A Policy Discussion of Human-Coyote Conflicts and Conflict Management in Ontario (Jonathan King)
  • Sustainable Food Production: Transforming from Industrial to Local (Vicki Fleury, Mike Reddick, Sumeet Tandon
Cover_ISEMA Vol 5 2010

ISEMA Volume 4 (2009)

  • The European Union’s CO2 Emissions Trading Scheme and Insights for North America (Mike Reddick)
  • The Necropolis and the Metropolis: Sustainability Issues in Funerary and Memorial Services (Dan Wright)
  • Canada’s 2007 Isotope Crisis: Examining the Dimensions of Trust in Nuclear Risk Management (Sandra Noel)
  • High Speed Rail Fail: How Complacency for Incremental Innovation may Derail TGV Passenger Trains for Canada (Ken Doyle)
  • Implementing the Federal Sustainable Development Act: A Discussion Paper (Helen Barette, Isabelle Lachance, Braden Hutchins)
Cover_ISEMA Vol 4 2009

ISEMA Volume 3 (2008)

  • The Intersection of Science and Public Policy: A Case Study of Chemicals Management in Canada (Heather Birchard)
  • Is Historical Use and Occupancy History? Exploring Canada’s claims to Sovereignty over the Arctic Archipelago (Helen Barrette)
  • Do No Harm: Hospitals, Health and the Environment (Lillian Hayward)
  • Interprovincial Relations and Climate Change Policy in Canada (Amber Lindstedt)
  • Environmental Governance in Canada: An Examination of the Role of Regulation and the Implementation and Enforcement of CEPA 1999 (Laura Smallwood)
Cover_ISEMA Vol 3 2008

ISEMA Volume 2 (2007)

  • Position Paper in Support of a Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (Betty Ann Chung)
  • Nowhere to Sprawl: The Greater Golden Horseshoe’s Ongoing Experiment with Smart Growth (Hilary Hove)
  • Competing with Intergenerational Equity in Forestry Management: The Case for Declining Discount Rates (M. Andre Arbour)
  • The Great Lakes Basin and Water Diversions: Annex 2001 and Beyond (Amanda Barry, Anique Montambault, Jonathan Gilmore
Cover_ISEMA Vol 2 2007

ISEMA Volume 1 (2006)

  • Climate Change Skeptics (Norah Holt)
  • Canadian Stem Cell Policy: Opportunities and Ethical Issues (Lillian Hayward)
  • Sustainable Housing: An Ottawa Perspective (Daniel Carr, Lillian Hayward, Serena Boutros)
  • The Assessment and Management of Substances in Canada (Kathy Wilson)
Cover_ISEMA Vol 1 2006